Week 2

It’s hard to believe that week 2 is already drawing to a close and that there is only one more week of camp!  This week we have Camp Vick Investigates, Frontier Girls, and Mission (Im)Possible.  All three groups are having a great time!

Camp Vick Investigates has been having fun investigating all sorts of different things this week.  Early in the week they had to find a missing counselor and today they played some live action Clue and figure out the particulars of a crime that took place.

Frontier Girls have been getting back to basics this week.  They are learning how to start their own fires and cook their own meals.  Although all I keep hearing about is the yummy desserts they’ve been making!  They also took a Creek Hike earlier in the week and had a great time exploring.

Mission (Im)Possible have been enjoying a week of team building challenges such as untying a human knot!  They also were able to enjoy a day at the Kingdom Bound Festival at Darien Lake.  They got to see Toby Mac in concert along with some other bands.  Reggie Dabbs also spoke between concerts.  He gave an awesome message and many young people, including many of our own, chose to accept Christ as a result!  If your child attended Mission (Im)Possible, you need to ask them about this message.  It was truly life changing!


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