Summer Staff Testimony with Zoie

Camp Summer Staff are an amazing group of people. Did you serve on Camp Staff? If so, what year(s)? While we’ve been sharing stories from 2016, we’d be so happy to hear YOUR story! Over the last almost 65 years Camp Vick has been blessed with MANY people who, as the Body of Christ, have made this ministry! What a legacy!

Here is a little of Zoie’s staff story from the summer of 2016.

We are hiring our 2017 staff. Think you want to join our Ministry Team? Being on summer staff isn’t all fun and games, it is hard work. But it is also a chance to grow your faith, share the gospel and change your world one camper/guest at a time by living faith out loud.

Don’t have the whole summer to give? We need weekly volunteers as well: counselors, kitchen helpers, Bible study leaders, camp specialist… and more!

Click here to download a summer staff application and reference form.

Click here to download a volunteer application and reference form.

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