On the dawn of the last day…

Here we are… at the dawn of the last day of children/youth camps for the summer of 2016. Before we can move forward with this day, it is time for a recap of Thursday.

Our Summer Must Do Campers went on a nature hike complete with a picnic lunch. It was so much fun to explore the woods and learn about plants and animals found there. Fun learning moment from the day: Did you know deciduous trees lose their leaves and humans lose their deciduous teeth? Even staff were amused to think about this!

Our survivor teams competed in a color war and a survivor camp favorite reward challenge: a giant game of memory. In this game teams compete to find pairs of tiles to win rewards!

This year hot chocolate/coffee topped the list of favorites.

Our three teams for Frontier Survivors were:

Faith (Emunah)


Hope (Tikvah)


Love (Ahava)


Our teams earned an afternoon reward of styling the Camp Director and Program Director’s hair with shaving cream. It was a bit fun. Then other teams won the award of dousing them with water balloons after the hair styling.

We ended our night down in Frontier with an all camp cookout, making our dinner in foil packets over the fire. Have you ever played the game “Zip Bong?” Whatever you do, don’t show your teeth!

Playing a game of Ninja can be seen throughout the day but is especially fun while waiting for your food to cook.


Be sure to check out our Facebook page for other pictures from the day including our final campfire. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to the blog to continue to stay connected throughout the year!


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