A snippet from Tuesday

The title here says so much, “A snippet from Tuesday.” As I look through the pictures taken yesterday (all 378 counting videos) I am keenly aware that a day at camp contains so much more than can ever be expressed through a blog post. Because a day at camp is more than the sum of all the activities. Moments that may only last a few minutes are HUGE in terms of the impact it makes our day as we watch friendships blossom, share jokes, help campers build skills, and experience God together.

So know as you read this small snippet from our day and see all the pictures that as wonderful as this day looks as told here in this blog post, the reality of how great a day Tuesday was here at Camp Vick is much, much bigger!

On Tuesday we were finally able to get the camera down with the Frontier Survivor group. So we’re happy to share some more pictures from their experience. How does Frontier work? Well… it takes a lot of teamwork. Three teams actually. Since they are cooking their own food we have a team that works on fires, one that prepares the food and one that cleans up after.

It takes the whole team working diligently on each aspect to make Frontier a success. It is a learning process and this groups is settling in nicely!

Each day the Survivor crew competes in 2 challenges: one team competition and one reward challenge. On Tuesday the teams competed against one another in the Toxic Waste Containment exercise in which their task was using the supplies provided to create a way to transport toxic materials from a dump site to a containment location without having any spill or contaminate any team members along the way. Their ideas showed creativity and ingenuity!


Our Summer Must Do  campers began the day with fun outdoor games of kickball and fun with the parachute. But then we got to a summer must do but also a Camp Vick MUST DO! The giant slip-n-slide. Let’s let the pictures of both campers and staff speak!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also celebrated a camper birthday with a beautiful cake that his mom sent special to celebrate his birthday here at camp! Happy Birthday Buddy!

And lastly there is this simple picture:


Along the journey of our day there are so many unexpected moments of joy, wonder, and beauty.

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