Welcome Survivors and Summer Must Do campers

Confession moment: It is going to be pretty hard to write these daily update posts this week. Why? Because this is the last week of Children/Youth programs at Camp Vick for this summer. It has been a wonderful summer and as the end draws near it is hard to see it close! BUT… we aren’t there yet and there are so many fun things to share with you all so I will press on!

Last night Camp Vick welcomed our Survivor teen program to Frontier and a brand new session called Summer Must Do. As this week goes on we look forward to sharing the play-by-play of these sessions as they are filled to the brim with great activities.

As Sundays usually go here at camp we finished registration, played a getting-to-know-you game and a half, took our swim assessment test, ate dinner, heard the camp rules, went to evening chapel and had our first campfire.

Hearing happy cabin groups chatting/singing/chanting while they walk through the woods is such a good sound and seeing all these happy faces is what we are all about!


After all the excitement of the day it took our Summer Must Do campers a little while to settle in for the night but that is to be expected on the first night. After a little while all was quiet and they were headed to dream land!

Our Survivor program had one more activity: the nightly Torch Ceremony.


More on that in the next few days’ recap posts! (What a teaser at the end of this post, huh?!)

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