A post full of joy

Trying to share with you the summary of each day of camp is something we enjoy doing so that you all at home can see a glimpse into our lives at camp. We know you like seeing what activities happened and hearing the stories of the moments the campers spend here at Camp Vick.

But sometimes it best to show you. Because (while I can tell you all about the pool games. slip-n-slide, meals, Bible Study, carnival, campfires, etc.) the best way to let you experience  what camp is like is to see it through the eyes of the campers and by the joy on their faces.



What a wonderful thing to experience and we are blessed with an abundance of joy this week! Hard to believe morning is about to dawn on Friday and that our week is coming to a close. We are set to enjoy this last 2/3 of a day at camp. Tonight at the closing program and family dinner our hope is that you experience the joy of camp along side us!

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