Beginner 2 and WWW Wednesday

Wednesday was a jam-packed day of fun here at Camp Vick! Our Beginner 2 campers had their first full day. After breakfast and morning devotions, the crew headed to the waterfront to have fun boating our paddle boats.

After a bathroom and water break, we spent some time in the craft lodge making our own boats for boat races tomorrow along with binoculars for playing I spy as we walk around camp.

Meanwhile the Wacky, Wet & Wild campers were having TONS of fun with their messy food day. Kristine had arranged an obstacle course of messy proportions!

Crab walk through the pudding.

A dip in the pasta.


Pudding slip-n-slide.


We might have had just a little bit of fun… okay, okay it was WAY TOO MUCH FUN!


And to end it all just right: A food fight.



A note from Jill (the Camp Director): 1- we again washed up their clothes so they aren’t stained or smelly from the food. 2- last year someone commented on the blog that this was such a waste of food. We want you to know that our cook has been saving food that cannot be served in the Dining Hall (like it was donated already expired) for our messy food day. This food could not have been served at camp or donated to a food pantry! Since we were playing in it and not eating it we were able to make good use of food that otherwise would have been thrown out!

In the heat of the afternoon we enjoyed an hour and a half at the pool! What a blessing this pool is to camp!


Thanks for sending your children to camp! We are so happy to share this week of camp with each of them!

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