Tuesday: Hello Mud and Hello Beginner 2 Campers!

When we chose Wacky, Wet and Wild as a new session to add to our schedule a few years ago Camp Director Jill described it this way, “As a mom there are so many things I tell my children not to do… that it isn’t the right time to do… ‘Don’t play with your food.’ ‘Stay out of that mud puddle.’ ‘Stop splashing.’ ‘Don’t play that crazy game.’ Well, Wacky Wet and Wild week is filled with the best activities that MOST of the time you just don’t get to do!”

Yesterday tops the list of fun! While it is leading to extra laundry here at camp (because Jill is a mom she also wouldn’t send your children’s clothes home this wet and dirty having sat for 3 days!) it was so worth it!

As the campers learned about morning muddy activity this facial expression says it all.


That’s right: Mud day.

As we were planning for this camp session we thought we wouldn’t be able to have mud day. Given the drought we didn’t want to excessively use water to make mud. We’d be using enough water for all our Water Fun Days. BUT God was gracious enough to send just enough rain on Monday to provide the perfect soggy playing field!

So we started with the counselors. Each cabin did a paint their counselor/LIT in mud activity to kick off the muddy fun!

They don’t look to bad all covered in mud now do they? I think it really set the tone for the morning activities!


Then for the main event: muddy mattress surfing.

Broken into teams the goal was to reach the finish line while “surfing” on your mattress. How to get from the beginning to the end? Your teammates work together to roll on the muddy ground and move the mattress forward. It is a RIOT to watch and so much fun to do!

We followed that with a game of mud toss. Like a water balloon toss but with packed balls of mud.


When all was said and done they got muddy, had a lot of laughs, smiles were in abundance and it was a lot of fun!


On Tuesdays this summer Pastor Bruce from Olean comes and leads Bible Study and Chapel. The campers and staff are always so happy to have him come and share God’s word.


At 3 pm we welcomed in our second group of Beginner campers for the summer. After check in and a name game the crew went back to their cabins to set up. On such a warm afternoon they were quite happy to have a little time the pool after their swim assessments and before dinner.


Speaking of dinner, you can check out the camp Facebook page to see the very special dessert the kitchen staff provided for their first night at camp!

Our little cuties ended the night with their first campfire of the week complete with songs, a small snack, and a little bit of silliness.

Wednesday has dawned and we look forward to all the fun adventures today will bring here to Camp Vick! Tune in to our Facebook page for small updates throughout the day and check back here tomorrow morning for another daily recap! You can also subscribe to the blog to have it sent to you by email when a new post is published by clicking on “follow” under the Follow Blog via Email.


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1 Response to Tuesday: Hello Mud and Hello Beginner 2 Campers!

  1. Jeanette Butler says:

    Thank you for such a fun opportunity for my daughter. She looks like she’s having lots of fun

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