Getting a Wet, somewhat Wacky and little Wild

As has happened for MANY years of Wacky, Wet and Wild (or for Splash! Camp before that) God brought a little bit of Wet and Wild weather to our Monday. We (finally) had significant rain roll through the area. While we could have been upset because of the water, mud and thunder… we really weren’t at all! We needed the rain in so many areas of camp and…


God was so good to us! The rain and thunder came in the morning and grew in intensity during breakfast. But, by the time morning devotions ended and the campers were headed to get ready for morning activities, well, the thunder stopped, the clouds began to thin and when they started Water Games Day 1 the sun came out.

What a BLAST! we had playing water games on the field. A good old over under sponge relay with an added bonus of fill the cup at the end, splash tag, splash freeze tag, capture the flag, water balloon toss and water balloon sling shots!

Then, just as we were about to eat lunch, thunder was heard in the distance and another storm rolled into the area and lasted through Bible Study and rest hour. But right at snack time the front passed and the clouds parted. We were thunder free 45 minutes before pool time!

What a blessing!



the rain left a lot of mud puddles to enjoy.


So enjoy them we did!

And… that means we CAN have MUD DAY this year. At first we thought due to the drought that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy muddy fun. So camp staff are excited for today and we look forward to sharing with you the fun camper pictures tomorrow!

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