Week 3: having a BLAST!

Is it possible that Thursday just ended and today is Friday? We hardly can believe it! I remember saying on Tuesday that it would be Friday before we knew it and here it is… What a GREAT week it has been here at Camp Vick. I wish the pictures could do this week justice!

Our Mission (im)Possible crew packed up and headed over to Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake. As of writing this post I don’t have their pictures from the day. But I can say they were excited to get going. They obliged me in a nice group picture.


But then asked if I’d let them be silly (especially since some of them insisted they had their eyes closed in every other shot.) so of course they did this:


This picture makes me smile. How about you? They are goof balls, a ton of fun, great kids… we’re going to miss them!!!!


At 9pm I got 2 texts from our crew saying they’d received these:

VIP Pit Passes! Look how close they were sitting! I am looking to hearing ALL about it!
Back at Camp our World Travelers took up their passports and headed to Burkina Faso. Our cook Jess had been a missionary there and led the group as their guide for the day as they learned about the people, culture, food and missions work. These kids have enjoyed every country we’ve traveled to and really dove into learning about each one!

We had a camp cookout for dinner. Tasty!

Then we enjoyed a more relaxed time of fun on sunset field. As the sun dropped lower in the sky the kids were running the perimeter of the field, throwing frisbees, jumping rope, picking blackberries, trying to find a 4-leaf clover, being silly and adventurous.

Have you ever examined a corn stalk? We found them fascinating.


And the leaves? Some described them as soft, others called them “tickly.”


Throw in some s’mores and a campfire full of each camper’s favorite song and you have yourself one great day at Camp Vick!! This week has been a blast! We have been so blessed!


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