Week 3: Courage to Stand


I’m going to start off by sharing some really fun pictures.

Oh their faces tell a story.

And so did each of the Mission (im)Possible campers! Though the smiles on their faces speaks volumes to the contrary of their recollection of the events 😉 Because we “made” them play games with their feet. And one game was particularly yucky. But it was so.much.fun. The pictures show how much fun they had even if they had to use their feet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wednesday’s theme at Camp this summer is: courage to stand. And our Mission (im)Possible campers faced missions that required courage and worked on expanding their comfort zone. While these were all fun and games our Bible Study times focused on real life times when we need courage to stand for our faith and make hard choices to stick to our principles and grow in character.


Campers also spent the day thinking about the power of forgiveness. You can read a little more about that here.

World Travelers set off on adventure in Thailand. One of their favorite things to learn was that Bangkok was called the Venice of the East because there are more than 83 canals in the city. Once they heard this detail someone shouted, “Are we going to make boats?” We did! Each camper made their own boat. Then we had boat races. Such fun!

Thai food is heavily influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures. Most Thai dishes are spicy. The campers helped Jess make a Thai Cucumber Salad which was very tasty (a bit spicy too) but there were NO LEFTOVERS! Thanks World Traveler campers for sharing this dish with us at lunch!

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