Week 3 going strong!

Tuesday brought cooler temperatures and a day filled with fun activities here at Camp Vick.

Since Wednesday is about to start getting busy around here, we will give you the quick recap this morning:

After breakfast we started our day with morning devotions looking into our daily theme of the Courage to Forgive.


World Travelers passed back through customs, boarded Camp Vick Airlines and headed across the Atlantic to Central America to make their second stop in Honduras. John Buskey (who has led several missions trips to Honduras) was here to take the campers on their journey.

We learned about the poor nation of Honduras and even were astounded to learn most people there cannot read or write. They don’t have to go to school past Elementary age. We found commonalities with their love of soccer and Western movies and music.

The kids learned about and tasted their staple foods of rice and beans and played a Honduran favorite game that kids would enjoy of soccer.


Mission (im)Possible campers dug deep into their daily mission while exemplifying forgiveness and they participated as teams in a relay challenge and had fun playing volleyball with sheets/pillowcases.

Hey- if you need a little reprieve from the intense game, I guess making someone into a sand sculpture is a ton of tun too đŸ˜‰


Just a few highlights this morning, no where near the full story from yesterday! Hope you’ve been enjoying these daily updates. Parents/families: the pictures on the password protected page should be uploaded within a few hours so you can see more into life at camp there!


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