Week 3 Monday: Let’s get going!

Sunday overnight into Monday brought some MUCH needed rain to Camp Vick. The campers/staff were full of discussion about “who woke up when”as they came to breakfast. But despite the thunder and rain starting in the wee hours of the morning, everyone was able to get back to sleep.

We started our day with a steady rain and at first it seemed we were going to have our first wash out of a day. The weather forecast was for possible rain/thundershowers through dinner time. But come 10:30 the rain stopped and soon after the clouds gave way to a nice sunny day. It was a bit muggy but that made it so wonderful to enjoy the pool later in the day (more on that in a bit).

Our World Travelers had some business to attend to if they wanted to jettison off on their journey around the world: passports! We wanted them to be able to be allowed back in the country! 🙂 After a little bit of fun and crafty creativity, each camper was the proud owner of a Camp Vick issued passport good though Friday.

After a quick journey on “Camp Vick Airlines” we arrived at our destination: the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before we could pass through customs, the group was oriented to the country as we learned about their location, population, customs (like not taking pictures of the people!) and some of their big needs as a people.

One of our goals of doing the World Traveler program is to help the campers learn more about missions work happening around the world. So today, as we learned of the poor economic and failing infrastructure we were encouraged to learn of missionaries and missions organizations who are meeting the needs of the people in remote areas of DR Congo by flying them supplies.

We made our own (paper) airplanes and flew them through an airplane obstacle course to help us remember this important work.


Our Mission (im)Possible campers began the day by filling our their agent profiles and enduring a funny interview process by the team leaders. Shortly after, the group received their first radio transmission of a mission assignment. But in true Mission Impossible form, it wasn’t that easy.

First they had to find the mission briefing, then they had to decode it. Both were fun and a little challenging too. The mission took them to the waterfront where they broke into teams and boated around the lake to retrieve sensitive information. After solving the puzzle, the group was left with a clue to look forward to future missions during the day.

After lunch, Bible Study, rest hour, snack shack… then, FINALLY, it was time to swim. We were so happy to enjoy the pool as the HEAT had returned and the rain left camp feeling quite muggy! The pool was just what we needed!

Before dinner our mission (im)possible agents worked on sharpening their senses with a guess the food challenge. It was quite fun! Sometimes tasty, sometimes making campers wonder if we were feeding them wax (no we weren’t!).


There were a few more activities in the day but you’ll have to check our our Facebook page to see a sneak peak of a new camp game!

Monday was GREAT! We look forward to what Tuesday will bring to camp!

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