World Travelers and Mission (im)Possible

Week 3 of Children/Youth camping here at Camp Vick brings the start of 2 exciting programs: World Travelers and Mission (im)Possible.

After registration and settling into cabins, the campers came up to the ball field to play a few getting to know you games. Some of our favorites to help us learn names and  have fun in the process! A few of our favorites can be found here.

From there we head to the pool where our wonderful WSI comes in every Sunday to assess each camper’s swim ability and we get all set to enjoy pool time for the week.


Dinner is a cookout with hotdogs and hamburgers back over in the pavilion. We also cover the basic rules of camp so everyone knows what to expect and how to stay safe so we can have a fun and blessed week!

Our first night’s chapel was held in the Dining Hall because Josh played guitar and that was awesome!


Round out the night with campfire fun and you have yourself a snapshot into what registration day looks like here at Camp Vick!

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