Cottage Roof


For those who have been a part of Camp Vick staff, visited our site or joined us as part of a rental group, the cottage is probably a familiar site. Used for most of the summer to house our female staff and as a rental building, the cottage has a long history with Camp Vick. It was the original building on the property when it was purchased by the Baptists in 1951!

Over the years it has hosted many functions and undergone numerous additions and renovations to best serve the camp community. It now houses up to 12 people in2 different sleeping rooms, has 2.5 bathrooms, a living room with fireplace and a small partial kitchenette. While outdoors it still has much of the original stone work including a big outdoor stone fire place.

But the cottage is in desperate need of a new roof. We’ve been patching and repairing what we can but it needs more work than can be managed with camp staff or volunteer labor. Given the many additions to the building and the complexity of the project we’ve contacted a contractor to do the work.

If you are interested in donating to this special project you can click this link here: Cottage Roof Donations

Donations can be made by check or through paypal, information is contained on the donation page linked above. The total cost will be near $10,000. We’re happy to say we’ve already received $1,446 towards the project.

Your donation will help us continue to make use of this wonderful building for many years to come!

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