Week 2: Monday- let the adventures begin!

Ah… life at camp is pretty sweet. Monday was filled with fin and adventure at Camp Vick. So we are sharing lots of photos for all of you at home!

The adventure girls met at the waterfront, suited up with lifejackets, loaded into canoes and set out on an adventure to the back side of Skim Lake (that’s the name of our lake here at Camp Vick) known as a “swamp hike.”

At times it wasn’t an easy journey because of:

… the seaweed and all the lilies. But we persevered, strengthened our canoeing skills and used our muscles.


Our reward?

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Beautiful, right? We explored the swamp and examined the trees that died when the lake level was raised many years go. This downed tree with it’s root system is quite amazing to behold.

Meanwhile, back on land the Frontier boys were getting ready for fishing fun. First they needed to familiarize themselves with the gear, gather bait and find a good location.


(sorry, the date stamp is a day off. These pictures were from the 11th not from the 10th)


The fish weren’t biting and as a result there was a whole lot of… waiting. But then…


SUCCESS! A pretty decent size large mouth bass! Yay!!!

In the afternoon we spend a good time enjoying the pool. These imaginative campers played a good-hearted game of pirate treasure hunt/lord of the rings… it was a ton of fun to watch!

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A few final shots to round out the recap of our day. First from chapel.

Then from the campout crew who worked together like seasoned teammates to set up their tents on sunset field.


and this was the payoff! What a view last night!


One more picture from campfire and you have yourself a fun day at Camp Vick.


Tune in tomorrow for more fun tales! We will be watching the campers closely and staying well hydrated in the heat! Sounds like extra pool time is on the schedule!

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