Staff Training

Here we are July 4th and here at Camp Vick we’ve just finished our week of staff training. What is staff training like you wonder?


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There is SO MUCH we need to learn/experience/accomplish and our time is JAM PACKED with instruction, experiential learning, work tasks, getting-to-know you games, camp tours/scavenger hunts, role plays, devotions, campfire, prayer time, running drills, policies and procedures, Bible study/devotion prep, health and safety training, etc.

Oh- and we need to fit in sleeping, eating and other basic tasks too 😉

Float testing lifejackets is a favorite.

You don’t have to worry about your safety when in our boats because we’ve tested the boats and the lifejackets. Of course, having a ton of fun along the way.

We’ve prepared for many types of drills in response to potential emergencies. This year’s staff was particularly quick at locating the missing person.

camp search zones

Learning fire building and having our first foil dinner cookout was a big success.

Who knew meat, rice, and assorted veggies cooked in a foil packet over the fire with a few seasonings/sauces would be so tasty? Camp Vick-ers that’s who. If you haven’t made one before we highly encourage you to come out and give it a try.

We’ve bonded and worked to build our team. Kind of like a puzzle, we’ve spent time getting to know each piece of our team and finding where God intends them to fit.

And then there’s the moments that aren’t so active.

Times of stillness, solitude, communion with God. Our hearts are full, the camp is ready, the staff are eager… tomorrow the first children/youth campers arrive.

Join us in praying for this summer’s ministry. Spread the word about our summer camping programs (see our schedule here). Come out and join the fun.

Stay tuned for a chance to “meet the staff” in a post later today!

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