Toilet Paper Tetris

We played a game of toilet paper Tetris tonight. The WEGO Association of churches gathered paper products for Camp Vick and the delivery caused quite a conundrum but one we are HAPPY to work through: how to store all of these donations?!



And we are so very thankful. Because this has been going on for years. As long as I can remember (I, Jill the Camp Director) have NEVER had to have camp purchase toilet paper. Most of our paper towels, paper plates and napkins are donated as well. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING and SO GENEROUS.


Today Pastor Dale from Akron shared the best story about these paper product donations. He said that they allow everyone to be a part of camp. Even a woman in his congregation on a fixed income who isn’t able to come to camp and doesn’t have much money to financially support camp is able to go to Dollar General and purchase napkins every now and again. She is a part of camp. She can help camp.

And so we thankfully play a game of Toilet Paper Tetris and celebrate having so many donations that we are scrambling to store them properly because it is a wonderful example of your support, a constant reminder of your partnership in the ministry here at Camp Vick.

Thank you!

Looking to know how you can help camp by donating items? Check out our CampVickDonations List.

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